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I seek to restore and maintain optimum health through a holistic approach, from lifestyle to hormones and from diet to mindfulness

Hormone Testing

Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin, and when and where the body stores fat.

Weight Management Program

Are You Ready to FINALLY Lose that Weight and FEEL GREAT with a PROVEN and NATURAL

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Join Dr. T LIVE to CONQUER weight challenges, hormones, stress, and low energy. The key to productivity is self-care!

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Hormone Weight Gain Connection

  • Estrogen/progesterone imbalance: weight gain in hips, thighs; water retention; low thyroid/metabolism

  • Testosterone/DHEA imbalance: decreased lean muscle, low metabolic rate; abdominal obesity

  • Cortisol imbalance: increased appetite, sugar cravings, and belly fat; inhibits thyroid and metabolism

  • Vitamin D3 deficiency: increased insulin; visceral fat

  • TSH elevated: low thyroid, low metabolic rate, weight gain

Since starting the Dulse and Glandular System my goiter has gone down tremendously…even my co-worker noticed.


OMG!!!! I am at my doctor’s office. I’m down 10lbs!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!


I weigh in on Wednesdays and today I am down another 3 lbs. That is 42 lbs since I started counting. Very grateful Dr T.


Weigh in day!I reached my goal, down another 3 lbs.  Blood sugars are coming down too!