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Who Am I?

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, focusing on the extremely powerful and effective tools of natural medicine. She is a leading advocate for women using the power of their mind, body, and spirit together to bring positive changes to their lives.

Dr. Carr recognizes that women today face many personal challenges which can keep them from living a full life, including issues around weight management, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and more.  Dr. Carr specializes in identifying the root causes of a woman’s symptoms and partners with her to address these issues, leading to a life of energy, good health, and balance.

A baccalaureate in Science and a master’s degree in Health Administration from Oklahoma City University give Dr. Carr a scientific and business background in her approach to women’s health. After facing her own health challenges,Dr. Carrdecided to expand her knowledge by studying Naturopathy at Trinity School of Natural Health. Since then, she has focused on the knowledge of nature combined with the power of science to help women transform their lives.

Dr. Carr has been featured recently on KOCO 5, multiple radio networks, and in multiple news publications, including The Oklahoma Gazette. She is a strong advocate of women’s health,both professionally and personally. When she is not working to educate women, Dr. Carr focuses on bringing positive energy to her community.She can be found playing the piano for her church, volunteering at local charities such as Positive Tomorrows, Baptist Children’s Home, Ronald McDonald House, volunteering at a school for homeless children and in pediatric cancer centers,or doing public speaking.

Dr. Carr is on a mission to educate women on how to live life to the fullest.Working together, she helps women find the solutions that will boost their energy levels and give them the freedom to create a thriving life.She has seen, time and time again, that when women nourish the body and remove dietary challenges it is easier for normal physiological functions to do their magic. Seeing the positive impact on people’s lives after she has helped them get to a place of excellent health is the greatest reward she could ever imagine!

  • As seen on ABC KOCO 5

  • Featured on multiple radio networks

  • Featured in multiple news publications

  • Corporate Speaker

I know what it feels like to be frustrated from trying everything to lose weight and getting nowhere…

Now you have the help you need to get there. I’m here to provide you with friendly, professional guidance that gets results.

My formula for good health is:

  • Clean EATING

  • Drink 1/2 your body weight in WATER


  • Adequate SLEEP



  • Balanced PH and EFAs

  • … and EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL balance

Tabatha’s Transformation

Tabatha struggled with her weight for years and was just 16 years old when she was first put on blood pressure pills.  She ended up being a women’s size 20/22 in high school and was so ashamed of being on blood pressure pills, and weighing over 200 lbs at such a young age, that it greatly impacted her self-esteem and social life.  She went up and down the weight ladder, trying every diet or weight loss fad in the world, but she just couldn’t shift the weight.

After years of high blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances, Tabatha started having hormonal challenges that threatened her ability to have children.  Tabatha finally reached a point where she knew she had to take action so she started making lifestyle changes focusing on her diet, exercise, and other natural therapies. She began to transform into a healthy and happy individual finally living and loving life.

With personal experience in taking steps to turn her life around, Dr. Tabatha Carr has a unique voice in helping women determine what is holding them back and helping them figure out how to make changes. She is using her knowledge to help women understand their bodies and answer their questions about why they are gaining weight, why they are tired and stressed and what steps they can implement immediately to start living and loving life again.