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Dr. T Speaks

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND captivates audiences and empowers people to make the most of their potential. With over 11 years of go-to-market and project management experience at Dell, an MBA, and studies in Naturopathy, Dr. Carr is uniquely positioned to talk with audiences about reaching their full potential in their business and personal lives. An engaging and dynamic speaker with personal experience in climbing the corporate ladder and transitioning to running her own business,Tabatha has a unique voice in helping people determine what is holding them back and figuring out how to transform their lives.

Dr. Carr engages with people as if they were one-on-one, no matter how large the community group or corporate client, helping each person assess their situation and find their own solutions. She helps companies make an investment in their workforce, elevating their most valuable assets to the next level and capitalizing on that investment.Recently featured on ABC, with a variety of radio networks, and in multiple news publications,Tabatha excels in helping people increase productivity in the workplace and in bringing energy and passion to their everyday lives.


Project Manage Your Life to Success

In corporations, Tabatha helps employees apply the principles of project management effectively to advance their careers in order to achieve success, increase productivity, and manage projects with no competition. Mastering the phases of initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close in business and their personal lives can lead to healthier employees translating that success into the workplace.

The Woman Who Has It All – Body, Mind, Spirit

This seminar focuses on educating women on how they can live life to the fullest. Working together, Tabatha addresses areas such as relationships, finance, self-image, success, and support, giving women the tools and encouragement to thrive in these areas using the power of their body, mind, and spirit to bring positive energy and change to their lives.

Managing Stress: Balancing Your Life

Combining ideas from her business-focused seminars, Tabatha focuses on audiences large and small with this seminar perfect for any group interested in living their best lives. Tabatha will give audiences the tools they need to consider the quality of their life, identify their desires and form a plan for how to stay positive and move towards their vision. With the idea that whatever you focus on, you create, she helps people focus on their best possible selves.

It’s Not Your Imagination!

In a seminar geared specifically to women and their physical well-being, Tabatha looks at some of the physical ailments many women are familiar with but which are often dismissed as being in their imagination. She discusses why an unhealthy gut microbiome may be causing women to be overweight, out of energy, to have hormonal imbalances and to be nutrient deficient and gives women guidance on how to address these issues and how to get their life and health back into balance.

The Power of Faith in Your Life

Tabatha reaches out specifically to church groups with this seminar designed for a Christian audience. She explores how having faith can help with living your best life, being successful, dealing with stress, the importance of tithing, and how the strength of prayer can help people realize their full potential in body, mind, and soul.


  • Certified Project Manager (PMP)
  • Dell Six Sigma Certification
  • 3x Silver Award Winner
  • Gold Award Winner

Tabatha was a key contributor to the success and careful planning during the Public Buying season efforts this past Q2 for our Sales Business.  She was instrumental in the communications, project managing the efforts, discussion options, aligning key stakeholders and, of course, the execution of the end of year for Public customers.  She was collaborative in her efforts and put into place some change management with teams who were used to doing it a certain way and we changed up the process this year.  Great job!

Silver Award given by Cori Stooksberry, Executive Director, Dell EMC Operations

Cori Stooksberry, Executive Director, Dell EMC Operations

Tabatha was called into the 9th inning to pull off the save. Tabatha was called upon at the last moment to help prepare OKC for ISO 9000 audit. In just over a week Tabatha created an audit and training deck to prepare sales. She worked closely with the OKC Regional Sales Director and his sales team. The OKC site was in great hands and leadership.

Silver Award given by Erica Lambert Executive Director, North America / Global Sales Operations, Dell EMC

Erica Lambert Executive Director, North America / Global Sales Operations, Dell EMC

Tabatha owned the Education Buying Season from a program management perspective.  She was instrumental in the building, training, engagement, escalation, and development modeling to ensure that we closed the season strong, realizing every opportunity and meeting every delivery guideline. She held weekly meetings to review results and issues with sales and operational partners holding each team accountable to results.

Gold Award given by Kathy Alloway, Regional Sales Director, Dell EMC

Kathy Alloway, Regional Sales Director, Dell EMC